US Marine Corps Picks NSM for Anti-ship Missile Capacity

The US Maritime Corps has selected the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile for a plan that will let the support to defend against enemy warships from the shore. According to a Raytheon announcement from May 7, the Kongsberg-produced Naval Strike Missile will be built-in US Marine Corps’ present drive construction beneath a $47.59 million agreement.

A further missile noted to have been regarded for the program, which was dubbed Navy-Maritime Expeditionary Ship Interdiction Procedure (NEMSIS), incorporated Lockheed Martin’s Lengthy-Assortment Anti-Ship Missile and Boeing’s Harpoon.

The complete system foresees the launching of anti-ship missiles from ground-centered automobiles. The technique is expected to be analyzed by 2020.

This is the 2nd good results for the NSM in the US right after Raytheon and Kongsberg were contracted to manufacture and supply NSM as the Navy’s more than-the-horizon weapon method for littoral fight ships and future frigates.

“The Maritime Corps’ assortment of the Navy’s anti-ship missile boosts joint interoperability and lowers charges and logistical burdens,” Raytheon explained.

“This fifth-generation missile adds another dimension for sea command functions and for protection from adversary warships,” mentioned Kim Ernzen, vice president of Raytheon Air Warfare Programs.

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