Topcon Unveils Athene Eu for Spreader Purposes

The Athene Eu, an ISOBUS Eu with ISO-Universal Terminal, has been additional to Topcon Agriculture’s application regulate units.

“Similar to the Topcon Apollo for air seeder control, the Athene Ecu is a comprehensive-showcased hydraulic belt spreader alternative that is based on industry-confirmed know-how and many years of field encounter from RDS Technology, a recent acquisition by Topcon,” says John Newcombe, item manager, Topcon Agriculture.

Athene options variable-fee application (VRA) and segment command (SC) for spreader commence and prevent by using the TC controller application level handle proportional to ahead pace based on hydraulic belt speed capacity to transform amount on-the-go and gate peak command and checking.

“Athene delivers a new degree of productivity, efficiency, and relieve-of-use to spreader units,” says Newcombe. “It features an intuitive user interface designed for procedure with Topcon X consoles or present tractor ISOBUS common terminals.”

With the addition of load cells and an affiliated European, the Athene system can also give optional weighing operation. The program is developed to display stay product or service weight in the spreader and provide dynamic on-the-go car calibration. The weighing European also attributes twin axis angle measurement for payment when doing work on sloping fields. 

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