The 3 Pros of Assembled Cables


Why waste time assembling your ongoing-flex cables when you never have to?

The readycable® line of assembled motor, servo, sign and encoder cables comes equipped with typical industrial connectors that are all set to plug into your application the 2nd they get there. They’re expertly built identical to 24 manufacturers’ specifications and are consistently analyzed below serious-environment disorders in the 41,200-square-foot igus® tests region. Our tests ensure every cable gives an intensive support lifetime inside of cable carriers, on robotic applications and extra.


Cable assembly with excellent assurance

At 12 point out-of-the-art facilities throughout the planet, which include the U.S., very-skilled technicians customize close to 20,000 ready-to-hook up chainflex® cables each individual 7 days. Each individual cable is assembled equivalent to 24 manufacturers’ standards, which include Siemens, Allen-Bradley and FANUC, and arrive outfitted with industrial connectors from the most significant names in the industry, this sort of as Intercontec, Harting and Yamaichi. In addition, igus® has made a 90-diploma cable adapter referred to as ibow® for connections in limited spaces.

Our professionals electrically check just about every cable, visually inspect each individual connection, and measure crimp heights and all essential proportions precisely to make certain our assembled cables will perform flawlessly upon shipping and each individual working day all through the life of your device. Much more than 1,200 cable types are out there for customization.

Cable style features for an extended service daily life

Not like standard cables that have a tendency to are unsuccessful prematurely, chainflex® steady-flex cables are engineered for exceptional efficiency and can drastically boost the service existence and productivity of dynamic applications. chainflex® cables are designed with the next functions:

A significant-top quality, significant-tensile toughness middle component for strain aid
A medium-to-fine conductor strand diameter to prevent the strand from kinking even though staying subjected to a superior quantity of cycles
The optimum high-quality substantial-pressure extruded PVC or TPE components that assist the unique strands of the conductor and reduce the cable’s insulation from adhering to one an additional
Person conductors bundled into teams, which are cabled with each other in a single layer encompassing the cable main, empower pulling and compressive forces in the bending motion to equilibrium and cancel out torsional forces
A pressure-extruded interior jacket that makes sure the insulated conductors are guided competently
A superior-quality braided shield that presents electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection for the cable
A value-effective outer jacket materials that is resistant to UV radiation, abrasion, oils and chemical compounds
CFRIP technological innovation that allows consumers to open the cable’s jacket like a zipper, conserving you time and eliminating the need for added equipment

Thoroughly tested beneath real-planet situations

Ideally, continuous-flex cables should really be examined in configurations and environments that replicate true-world applications.

The 41,200-square-foot igus® screening region is the greatest of its kind in the industry. Our engineers operate 2 billion unique bend assessments to ensure cables built for precise sorts of motion have the strength and durability to manage their structure around tens of millions of linear, tick-tock, torsional or multi-axis cycles. Engineers also use a local weather chamber to test the prolonged-term effects of intense temperatures, substances and a lot more.

Final results exhibit that in most circumstances, chainflex® cables can withstand temperatures among minus 40 C and 100 C. They are also flame retardant, UV resistant and extremely oil resistant. All chainflex® cables have a predictable company lifestyle and arrive with a 36-month warranty.

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