Smart Nozzle Command Released by John Deere

Gain increased accuracy with the John Deere ExactApply clever nozzle management process.

“The new ExactApply technique was formulated for producers and ag service companies who find a better stage of control of product applications, specifically improved application efficacy and accuracy in all area designs and sizes,” states Doug Felter, solution marketing supervisor, crop security and nutrient answers.   

“Another significant function with the ExactApply is John Deere’s Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) method that features a few periods the pulsing frequency of common PWM devices on a extensive selection of nozzles,” he provides. “This enables the sprayer to operate at a steady tension and droplet size, no matter of the sprayer pace and software move fee, for enhanced spray protection across the entire industry.”

6 vital benefits:

The skill to switch spraying between two preselected nozzles with the drive of a button from within the cab. This capability also will increase the selection of application to attain steady droplet size.
The ability to mechanically change the fee across the entire growth, ensuring the proper volume of product is applied to the right space of the discipline, even although turning.
The reduction of the amount of nozzles required simply because of vary will increase on every single nozzle.
An alert to the operator when a one nozzle gets to be plugged.
LED lighting on each individual individual nozzle for improved visibility of spray sample in reduced-light-weight conditions.
Whole variable-level and shut-off operation at the nozzle (every single 15 to 20 inches), which is an advancement in excess of sprayers equipped with John Deere Part Control. 

“ExactApply is completely built-in with the GreenStar 2630 Screen and SprayStar, producing it appropriate with the full suite of John Deere precision and data-management products our application buyers need to have,” says Felter. “It features important enhancements in spray efficiency, coverage, and precision, in particular on place rows and irregular-formed fields.”

The technique is compatible with all increase dimensions equipped with stainless steel plumbing. To understand much more, call your community John Deere vendor or pay a visit to

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