Prime 3 Social Media Finds This Week

Verify out my leading 3 agriculture-related finds from Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest that I just couldn’t scroll previous this 7 days:

Missing permanently? 

We all seem to have our telephones connected to our hip presently whether we’re in town, the truck, the industry, or even on top rated of the grain bin ladder. Just one Oklahoma farmer unintentionally dropped his mobile phone in a filling/total grain bin, hardly ever to be witnessed once more — or so he thought. You can never ever guess exactly where it ended up.

Cattle sorting far too great to be genuine. 

This video about sorting cows from calves has been floating around for a couple of months, but it was introduced back to my attention yet again this 7 days. Dr. Joseph M. Stookey, a professor from the College of Saskatchewan, explains a sorting system which is so very simple, you may question why you have not assumed of it yourself. It normally takes significantly less than 90 seconds — there’s no motive not to give it a search!

“Why farmers farm.” 

Pinterest is not only for the crafty dreamers who want to check out a person hundred distinct recipes and are setting up their weddings prior to engagement is anyplace in sight. (Females, you know what I am conversing about.) There are tons of agriculture information, photos, guidebooks, and offers to be shared and cherished.

Though meandering as a result of the on the web pin board this 7 days, I located a pin that I merely could not go up. Titan Outlet Store had a beautiful estimate/dialogue that emulates why farmers do what they do best — present meals for the environment. See the pin in this article!

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