Eyes in the sky: A new field standpoint

Creating decisions in real time: It’s a strategy spreading across agriculture as you and your crop consultants press effectiveness to new ranges.

To assist in that quest is new technological innovation, these types of as the AutoCopter G15 Ag Remedy. This system has the ability to acquire multispectral details using the company’s patent-pending computer software and then to generate variable-fee prescriptions inside minutes of landing in the industry. Characteristics of the G15 incorporate a precision-made aluminum airframe, the capacity to carry several cameras, and a two-hour flight time.

“Find an spot of issue, halt, go again, hover, or go down for a superior appear, and then resume your automatic flight route,” suggests Don Effren, AutoCopter president.

The autopilot software program has automobile takeoff and car land functions. The flight of the AutoCopter is tracked on the ground command station, as the live movie backlink provides real-time visuals. The mission can then be saved and flown again.

“The price of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides makes it vital to apply the inputs strategically,” Effren notes. “Without exact info, your purposes are in the wrong location and are in the incorrect amounts.”

Far better resolution – delivered promptly and with all of the applications to make the decisions in the subject – is an important leap forward for you and your crop consultants.

“Capturing info at 100 feet presents remarkable resolution of the High definition movie, DSLR images, and the multispectral images,” Effren states. “Easily watch the area, see the places of concern, and be in a position to stroll out to the place since the images are georeferenced. Preserve time, scout more location, and count and track sprouts and rows.”

Editor’s be aware: Improvements Editor Jessie Scott contributed to this report.

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