AUVSI Stories On 1st 500 Commercial UAS Exemptions

August 4 marked a milestone for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). On that date, it had accepted far more than 1,000 purposes to fly unmanned aircraft commercially below a Segment 333 exemption. The FAA has acquired a lot more than 2,300 exemption programs.

A report introduced by AUVSI past month normally takes a appear at the first 500 professional exemptions and noted that unmanned aerial programs (UAS) have been authorized to support a lot more than 20 industries. The exemptions span throughout 48 states with true estate at the major of the list for exemptions with 153. Five other industries also saw a superior quantity of approvals including common aerial surveying (128), typical aerial photography (125), agriculture (106), and building and utility inspection (74).

“Corporations throughout each marketplace sector have been ready to use UAS for many years and are fired up to ultimately get this technology off the floor. From inspecting pipelines and surveying bridges to filming films and offering farmers with aerial sights of their crops, the purposes of UAS are practically limitless and supply a superior way to see what wants to be noticed, in considerably less time and at much less expenditure,” claims Brian Wynne, president and CEO of AUVSI.

Nevertheless, he adds that, “This present process of situation-by-circumstance approvals isn’t a extended-expression solution for the several firms wanting to fly. As an industry, we want to see the integration of UAS proceed and with no any even more delays. The FAA wants to finalize the tiny UAS regulations as promptly as feasible. The moment this transpires, we will have an set up framework for UAS operations that will permit any person who follows the rules to fly.”

Neither the Senate Commerce Committee or the Residence Transportation and Infrastructure Committee have unveiled their proposals for Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization. Between ongoing scheduling issues and choosing how to address air website traffic management, Congress will most likely have a shorter-time period extension that may well thrust motion on a reauthorization evaluate into 2016, in accordance to Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune. 

To look at an interactive map that shows the quantity of permitted operators along with the variety of platforms manufactured in every single state go to

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