All All around the Farm: November 2017

continue to keep firewood higher off the floor and dry for burning 

I experienced always saved my firewood exterior on the floor wherever it took on moisture and turned tough to ignite. So I built a stand from an unused overhead gasoline tank, lined it with metal cattle panels, and developed a hip roof to address the tank brackets on prime. The wire mesh lets the wooden dry from all sides. Positioned on the south facet of my barn, it gets comprehensive solar for great, dry firewood.           

Ken Miller | Rochelle, Illinois 

taller hopper gets grain speedier      

To increase the capacity of my auger hopper, I bolted jointly two pieces of poly salvaged from the skirting of an aged round bale feeder. The extension merely sets into the major hopper, so it’s uncomplicated to get out when transferring the auger. Now I can operate the auger at whole capability.  

Gene Smallidge | Hastings, Minnesota 

measuring tapes in a long-lasting place are convenient       

To make guaranteed I can obtain a tape when I will need it, I set brief lengths of measuring tape at several intervals on every single of my workbenches. The metal banding is fastened with self-tapping screws. This thought also is effective perfectly in locked cabinets or lockers.     

Jeremy Glanzer | Willow Lake, South Dakota

transportation seed to discipline all through planting 

I developed a hitch on the rear of my drill and planter to pull my seed wagon with its self-powered device driving in in between fields. 4 1-inch bolts maintain the store-crafted hitch to the primary 7×7-inch drill frame beam. The hitch then extends concerning two row models. To clear the press wheel, I utilized ¼-inch wall 2½-inch sq. tubing at a 45° angle.     

Jay Warner | McPherson, Kansas

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